Helping People Make Informed Choices

When we need help in making decisions, we usually ask a friend or a colleague for a recommendation.

Imagine a system that could understand and deduce what all or just a select few of the people in an enterprise or network might recommend in a particular situation.

Imagine a system that could deliver these recommendations, tuned just for your particular situation, in a particular context or just based on what it knows you like.

Imagine a system that could learn from your usage, and other people who are like you.

Imagine no more.

Meet Epiture - and Cogito™, Epiture's adaptive recommendation engine.

 Epiture has complete facilities for real-time tracking of usage behaviors at the individual topic and content item and user levels for each individual portal, as well as historical trend analysis -- capabilities that go far beyond current web page-based tracking systems. Epiture usage tracking provides the comprehensive information needed for fine-tuning the knowledge network. From deep understanding of user behaviors (without asking for a lot of user feedback), Epiture delivers in-context and out-of-context adaptive recommendations based on inferences on user preferences and interests derived from personal and community usage patterns. This feature provides automatic organizational learning -- with novices receiving different recommendations than experts, for example.

Example applications include:

 Getting new employees up to speed faster in an organization, by learning how the 'pros' work, without having to bother busy employees.

 Offering customers a personalized experience when learning about new products/services, without having to construct automated 'wizards' that constrain the learning experience

 Adaptive recommendations can also take the form of 'useful' advertising. Vendor driven white papers, special offers, tools and guides, can be incorporated into a user's experience at the right time, providing benefit to the user instead of intrusive and annoying advertising.

Next Steps

Contact us to see a demonstration of our capabilities, and to arrange a month long pilot program at low cost to get a real understanding of how we can help your organization.

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