Take Your Innovation Process to the Next Level

Support your innovation process with an online environment that guides users through the process, as well as helping to find innovative opportunities and capabilities

Detail capability components from both internal and external sources - for example, relationships, IP, competencies and assets, and match them with innovative ideas

Share parts of your innovation process with selected suppliers and customers, while still retaining privacy over parts you wish to remain inside your company

Deliver a customized environment to each business unit in your company, and in addition be able to see the pipeline at the enterprise level

Share ideas across the company, and find the capabilities you need to build it by leveraging your entire capability base, not just a single unit

Epiture powered Innovation Networks bring to life your innovation processes, enabling them to be distributed and available at all levels of the organization.

Steps and stages in your process can be mirrored in an adaptive process fashion, allowing you to see non-intuitive connections between processes and the content inside them, depending on how communities of staff are using them.

Expand your innovation network beyond your company to include customers, suppliers, research organizations and academic institutions, to bring a full complement of input, capabilities and expert opinions to the opportunities in your innovation network pipeline.


Next Steps

Contact us to see a demonstration of our capabilities, and to arrange a month long pilot program at low cost to get a real understanding of how we can help your organization.


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