Connecting & Tracking Knowledge & Expertise within your Business Network

It's an apparently simple problem with a complex solution.

What and when do you need to know something and who knows it?

The speed of business continues to accelerate bringing about more change than organizations have ever experienced before.  Even the largest hard asset companies now recognize that intellectual capital, whether in the form of people, knowledge or intellectual property, is actually the most valuable thing in their organizations. And so the need for systems that adapt and learn becomes apparent. Epiture is not a silver bullet. But it's more powerful than anything you've used before.

Here are just some of the features that make Epiture different:

 The ability to create a rich network of content and knowledge based on the fuzzy set paradigm, which enables a richer navigational experience for users and makes feasible the effective management of both very large knowledge bases, and personal knowledge bases.

 Easy to use publishing and content architecture tools that can be learned within a few minutes. This key ease-of-use feature dramatically reduces the cycle time of publishing content, and thereby maximizes community-based content contributions and rich content integration. The result is an increased level of overall quality and freshness of the content base versus other approaches.

 The ability to integrate any type of content into the content network, including text, presentations, multi-media and applications. Eliminates the old paradigm of separate "content" and application-based systems -- Epiture treats applications as just a more interactive form of content.

 A complete set of tools for navigating the content network, including search functions, topic-based views, content-based views, and a unique relevancy function that dynamically displays related topics and content based on the degree of relatedness.

 In-context and out-of-context adaptive recommendations based on inferences on user preferences and interests derived from personal and community usage patterns. This feature provides automatic organizational learning -- with novices receiving different recommendations than experts, for example.

 The ability to flexibly and dynamically create and manage a rich set of topics and associated content in any structure desired. This flexibility ensures graceful incorporation of future requirements, and minimizes re-work.

 The ability to create and maintain personal knowledge networks and to manage the sharing of the knowledge networks with any or all other users at any time.

 A truly integrated knowledge network and social networking capability, enabling rich descriptions of people that can be shared as desired in an identical manner as content.

 The automatic generation of an Internet or Intranet portal directly from the content network -- no IT-related skills are required at all. This feature dramatically reduces the cost of building and maintaining content-rich web sites.

 Complete facilities for the dynamic generation of an unlimited number of customized portals from the common content network. This capability provides the support for the ultimate level of customization, whether for groups internal to a business, or external (customers, suppliers, partners, etc.), and all for a negligible incremental cost.

 Comprehensive content network and portal management capabilities, including dynamic topic selection and distribution, security settings, etc. Dozens of individual portals, spanning hundreds of topics and thousands of individual content items can be easily and effectively managed in a way that is available in no other technology.

 Flexibly support the look and feel of any Internet or Intranet site, whether based on HTML, or generated by other commercial packages such as EIP's.

 Flexible integration of auxiliary content and capabilities such as news feeds, chat facilities, shopping carts, etc.

 The ability for users to subscribe to newsletters and e-mail containing adaptive recommendations based on their personal preferences and interests, and the automatic management of the associated distribution lists and related user profiles.

 Complete facilities for real-time tracking of usage behaviors at the individual topic and content item levels for each individual portal, as well as historical trend analysis -- capabilities that go far beyond current web page-based tracking systems. Epiture usage tracking provides the comprehensive information needed for fine-tuning the knowledge network.

Next Steps

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