Enable Real-Time Learning™ in your Organization

Learning is no longer just about training. Learning is about knowing what to do when certain situations arise. And your organization should not have an ad-hoc approach to the development and sharing of this learning and associated knowledge.

Using our patented Epiture® software we can help you to provide an online environment that integrates access to learning materials and peer guidance into everyday work processes. We're not talking about simple online courseware or an LMS - we can power a customized, sophisticated environment that provides learners with the resources they need at a specific time during their work. Epiture can integrate inputs and existing investments in courseware and learning/content management systems, and provide learners the essential missing ingredient - context.

Above in the figure you can see just some of the inputs that Epiture uses to build adaptive, customized recommendations for learners in their context. This includes the business process they are working in, their communities (or Co-Worlds™ as we call them), relevant content and popularity and influence of resources they have available to them. In addition we can track and measure the usefulness, relative popularity and influence of every object in the system.

But it doesn't end there. In conjunction with ManyWorlds' advisory services and leading edge methodologies, we can help you drive real measurable alignment between the learning that takes place at individual, team and departmental levels and your organization's priorities. This leads to an increase in organizational competence and bottom line performance.

Next Steps

Learn more in our whitepaper here.

Contact us to see a demonstration of our capabilities, and to arrange a month long pilot program at low cost to get a real understanding of how we can transform learning at your enterprise.

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