Adding Value to Your Implementation...

From crafting a business case specific to your organization to providing ongoing business intelligence feeds - our Services team can help you with a wide range of services to help you get the most from your investments.

The Epiture Services Team can assist you to:

  • Create a business case and knowledge strategy that integrates with your existing business strategy and processes, and help to minimize disruption to how people currently work

  • Collect internal content, identify relevant external content and design your Epiture enabled knowledge environment, so that users will have a seamless experience while enjoying the benefits of software as a service.

  • Implementation: Creating a new knowledge sharing process is no simple task. Our implementation advisors will determine your organization's knowledge needs and design a rollout plan suited to meeting your organizational objectives.

  • Behavior Management: Once the new system is functional, our change enablement experts will assist you transition the tool to the wider organization. This includes marketing, performance measurement and incentivization.

  • Epiture Training: Let our team assist you with initial training on the system to ensure that your organization fully understands the strengths and capabilities of Epiture.

  • Deliver business intelligence and other relevant, hand picked content from a range of sources on an ongoing basis.  We ensure that your content solution is complete and unique to your business situation.

Media & Content Services

Relevant External Research and Content: We have the facilities in place to mange your content needs from end to end, from content origination to syndication and incorporation. Our Media Team is comprised of skilled editors and business experts who can identify, contextualize and review proprietary research, internal content from your organization as well as external content providers to create a comprehensive environment which you can use to augment your existing knowledge sharing.

Editorial Reviews: Our Media Team will review all materials that go into your site to ensure that only the highest quality content is added. Their editorial reviews will giver users an in-depth introduction to the content thereby saving time. The Media Team will identify only that which is relevant to your needs, and content will be refreshed on a regular basis.

Custom Print and Editorials: Using Epiture's capabilities, you can offer a range of media including user-context rich online knowledge environments and custom print reports or magazines, targeted to a company, unit or even to an individual executive level. The Media Team can create custom publications, copy writing and other editorial services to make sure that your publication, whether online or offline is the best it can be.

Next Steps

Contact us to see a demonstration of our capabilities, and to arrange a month long pilot program at low cost to get a real understanding of how we can help your organization.

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