Epiture was developed because as an innovative professional services firm, we couldn't find software that could do everything that we needed. Our needs included:

Ability to have knowledge connected together by relevancy to a subject, not just a simplistic hierarchical approach with folders

Have a distributed network of contributors who are business people, with no technical skills.

Have a secure environment for contributing content

Automatic generation of the web presence from the content, no HTML or programming required.

Ability to generate multiple web presences from a single knowledgebase with no duplication in content

More recently, we've expanded our needs to include social networking and personal knowledge networks. You can read more about these features in the Resources section.


Examples of Knowledge Network Applications, such as Epiture:

Domain dominating portals (e.g., www.manyworlds.com)

Knowledge network-based CRM (e.g., customized and adaptive “portals” for major clients)

Education and learning environments

Process redesign of knowledge-intense processes (e.g., business growth processes, enterprise learning processes)

Collaborative commerce for knowledge intense processes (e.g., Houston Innovation Network)

eProcurement of intellectual capital

Adaptive process development and syndication

Social network analysis and real-time learning solutions


Next Steps

Contact us to see a demonstration of our capabilities, and to arrange a month long pilot program at low cost to get a real understanding of how we can help your organization.

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